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Adhesives for FRP


<a xhref="">FRP shop</a> has everything you need for your construction project. Below is our selection of adhesives for fiberglass reinforced panels. There are many different types, each with specific uses.

Our adhesives are sold for use with our fiberglass liner panels. They can also be used for other paneling materials such as plywood, tileboard, pre-finished hardboard, gypsum wallboard, etc. Some installation use strictly adhesives to bond panels to the surface, others use rivets, while some use a combination of both.

Caulk is used to form watertight seals in bathrooms, kitchens and other places where water or steam is present in the building. This is to prevent the damage caused by water from seeping into the underlying drywall or wood material. We offer both latex and silicone caulk. We offer several types of caulk of different materials, with some used for specialized applications.

Adhesive Types:

  • Water Based (Latex)

  • Solvent Based (Petroleum)

  • Polyurethane

  • Silicone Caulk

Materials sells adhesives from DAP, Titebond & GE. Water-based latex adhesives are typically easier to apply and clean up, but do not offer the same durability and weather resistance as other materials. For most FRP uses latex will work, but for areas with high heat, steam, large temperature changes or exposure to sunlight, petroleum based adhesives and silicone caulk are recommended.

Additional tools for applying adhesives include trowels and rollers. Follow the manufacturers instructions on which size trowel to use.

Ready to make your order? We have all the adhesives you need below. Just enter your desired quantity and items to your shopping cart. If have any questions, feel free to call us at or fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to assist you!


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Titebond FRP Water Based 4-Gallon *MOST POPULAR*

A VOC-compliant, high-strength, and nonflammable adhesive for installing FRP panels over plywood, gypsum drywall, plaster, smooth concrete (fully cured) and other porous materials. Its solvent free formulation is safe to use and eliminates solvent odor permeability. Greatly reduces the need for bracing. Approved and endorsed by every national FRP manufacturer. Titebond Solvent Free is environmentally superior and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, it is nonflammable, emits no harmful fumes and cleans up with water.

Coverage: 225-250 sqft
Weight per Pail: 53.75 lbs
Dimensions 12"x12"x13"

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DAP Water Based FRP Adhesive 4-Gallon White

Trowel grade, latex-based formula for bonding FRP panels to concrete, plaster, plywood, and gypsum wallboard. For interior use. Nonflammable, fast-setting, and water resistant. 36 Pails per pallet, please order any quantity.

Coverage: 250-270 sqft
Weight per Pail: 53.75 lbs
Dimensions 12"x12"x14"

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Titebond FRP Solvent Based Adhesive 5-Gallon

A high-quality, versatile adhesive designed for the installation of plywood, tileboard, FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), pre-finished hardboard, gypsum wallboard and other paneling materials. It provides excellent water-resistance and remains permanently flexible. It is easy to trowel and offers a 30-minute working time to allow precise placement of the working materials.

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Titebond Interior / Exterior Foam Board Adhesive 29oz.

This adhesive is specifically designed for use on most common building materials including foams, plastics, wood and ceramic tile wide variety of building materials. Provides excellent water-resistance and works extremely well in colder temperatures. It also offers a 30-minute working time to allow precise placement of materials. It exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM C557.

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Silicone Caulk - Ge Clear 10.5 Oz.

One part sealants that offer excellent adhesion, weatherability and elasticity general glazing and sealing applications.

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GREENchoice Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive

Titebond GREENchoice Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive is a high performance, professional strength advanced polymer adhesive specifically formulated to be used for most types of paneling installations. It has fast grab, a rapid cure rate, trowels easily, is moisture, mold and mildew resistant, and contains no water.

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